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The Ultimate Guide To People Card On Google Search

by Maria R 3 years ago

People Card – It’s Need In Today’s World

Have you ever thought of your own virtual visiting card describing yourself? Have you ever thought of creating an online presence and make yourself found to the whole world? You need not be part of a firm or company but you can just be yourself and put forth a card speaking about you. Google has launched People card in search. Quite not sure about what it is? Here are some details about the new service.

Key Features Of This New Piece Of Innovation

Google has put into motion a brand-new feature known as ‘People cards’ in search. It allows individuals to throw light on their social media platforms, their websites or other personal information they would like to convey to the world. If you are a struggling entrepreneur or budding freelancer, this element can work wonders in establishing your career. For those finding it hard to be found and approached by customers, this is a key element you need to lay your hands on. Even if you are not from a working environment, you can set up this feature just to be found by people all around the globe. Your information will be available when someone searches your name.

Google people card on search

How Do I Use The Feature?

 Creating a People card is as easy as boiling water. If you know how to make a Google account then you are already prepared and ready to get your hands dirty in this feature. Here are a few simple steps which can help you set up your card effectively:

  1. Log in to your Google account and search for your name on Google. If you don’t have a Google account, just make a new one which is absolutely free of cost.
  2. Prompt with “Add me to search” or “Get started” would appear on your screen now. Click on it.
  3. Now you will be directed to a form where in you need to fill in your personal details.
  4. Then you can add in a profile image, your website, email address, social media accounts and other details you would like to be made available to the people who would search for you.
  5. Adding a contact number can also be considered if you are absolutely comfortable with the security and privacy issues that may arise.
  6. Finally, your people card is ready for the world to discover.

Is People Card safe?

The answer is, YES. Google has ensured strict measures in protecting your information from any misuse of any sort. Adding to that, you can only use one account for one people card which adds on to the security of this feature. Also, individuals have the whole right to delete their people card at any point of time as per their wish. A feedback link is also provided if the users come across any bullying or fraud activities regarding to their people card.

Let’s Together Be Famous Through People Card

As more and more, entrepreneurs and start-ups are coming into the era, online visibility is truly an essential feature in taking your business to the next level. Being discovered online is just an inevitable part of maintaining your firm both online and offline. But your task might not be that easy if your SEO isn’t that strong. SEO company in Abu Dhabi can help you be strong on this point. This feature is surely going to rock those struggling hearts and make them climb great mountains that they always aspired for.

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