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by Jithu Mathew 5 years ago

Email security threats are increasing day by day. The main security threat facing is spoofing email. Many companies are not aware of email whitelisting is one of the threats leading to email spoofing.

One of the security threat leads to spoofing is mainly occurred when basic spam filtering is set up in the email server and whitelisting the domain or our own domain. Many of the email servers like office365 domain whitelisting option are available but in google apps to protect their emails server they are using IP whitelisting other than domain whitelisting so that email from specified email server IP is only allowed and spoofed domain not allowed.

Whitelisting is a process of allowing a sender address or domain in the email server due to this email server approve certain sender or domain to bypass the email security filter and this will lead to receiving the email inbox instead of going to quarantine or spam folder

Email spoofing is an imitation of an email header or id so that the message appears to have originated from someone other than the actual source and think it has been sent by a genuine source

When an organization whitelists domain, they are allowing the hacker to bypass layers of their email security service, giving them access to the user inbox but access to their email details. This can lead to password compromised and compromising sensitive information.

It is not possible to stop spoofing as the modern world have a tendency to break the new security tools, but we can control it by advanced threat protection.

Advanced threat protection is scanning the links by giving the warning to access the link and scanning the attachment or blocking specific format attachment.

Some security measures should be taken from your side to protect our emails from threats like

  • Regularly changing the password
  • Updating anti-virus in your system
  • Making user aware about security threat regarding email
  • 2-way authentication for the email
  • Using app password instead of original password in outlook
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