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by Jithu Mathew 5 years ago

Now email has become one of the important ways for communication between individuals and companies. There are about 500 billion emails are sent daily and it will increase by 10 percent by next year. Email has become an important part of our everyday life. So, it is important to make your email secure from hackers or attackers.

Email seems to safe, but we should take the precaution to make the email secure. 30% of threat that affects the email security is due to human errors, the person using the email should be trained to secure his email and how to secure his email complexly. The email information is taken by the hacker because the system used by the person is not secure or linking or access virus links. The best way to avoid human error by setting alert policies if any rule or any change in the setting an alert will be received and training the employees to identify the suspicious link. Many hackers access your email through Viruses and Phishing Attacks

The user can protect the email following below-given security tips

. Knowledge about Cyber Crime

The cybercrime comes in a different form, to overcome cybercrime attacks understanding about various types of ransomware, viruses, malware and phishing attacks.

. Strong Password

The password is one which gives access to a third person to access your email. A strong password is one of an important factor in email security.

Passwords should be eight characters, including lowercase and capital letters and number and never be easy to guess.

. Sending Emails protection

The email will not be sent directly it will going through the third party email server to reach the destination, during this journey to the destination anyone can access the email without sender knowledge.

Enabling TLS encryption will add an additional layer of protection protect from a hacker in reading the content in the email

.Updating anti-virus in the system

One of the main reason affecting the email security is from a system where you access the email which is infected with the virus.

An updated anti-virus necessary for preventing the system and email from virus and in addition to it you can add this antivirus has add-in in the outlook to check the incoming and outgoing email.

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