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Tips to Improve your Website Design Skills

by Libin Johnson 5 years ago

Make wire frames with shades of grey.

The web designers must create wire frames. Then turn your wire frames into the gray-scale visual design and add your own pictures, then add colors for your designs elements. This will help to prevent the over-designed layout and place importance on just the items needed.

Add web fonts for designs corporate style

Google fonts is a great platform to find a suitable web font, and it defines usage in your corporate style guide. So, use it consistently online.

Simplify navigation

Eliminate Drop-down menus and multi-type drop-down navigation. It will help only the most skilled mouse users. Better Use the simple menus which is meaningful.

Avoid slideshows and carousels

When the homepage slideshows/ image carousel came into fashion, it was a way of getting more information to the first page of your website. The problem is that most people don’t stay on the home page long enough to experience all the contents.

Get color inspiration from nature

Watch and grab the natural beauty or just take photos and pick the colors from it. Then study each color. Colours are in different types of warm, cool, dark, lite and solid.

Increase your font size

Typography is incredibly essential in website designs. The text is hard to read on a computer screen, so you must make the important ones in a prominent way. Increase the size of the main headings, subheadings and body fonts also.

Use White Space

It may be so difficult to believe that using white-space is a hack, but the modern websites could use more white-space. No need to have every blank area of the screen filled. Nowadays the white space and simplicity are in style. Too many companies try to put everything into a small space.

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