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Tug of war: ChatGPT VS Content Marketers. Who will win?

by Maria R 7 months ago
Tug of war: ChatGPT VS Content Marketers. Who will win?

What should I reply to my girlfriend who just broke up with me for no reason?
Well, this question does not have a proper answer. But yes, thanks to the amazing geeks in technology, ChatGPT can definitely lend a helping hand.

From writing emails to your boss for presenting your 1 week holiday to France as a sick leave due to a massive flu, to cracking homework assignments and to also gaining the label as a great content writer among your pals, ChatGPT has it all covered for you.

This might all seem gleaming and shining to the eyes of many, but to content creators, yes, he is just another Voldermort.

Now let’s open our eyes and look into the fact that things are a boon to content makers. Saving time has become the biggest perk of using this tool.

Take for example, a scenario where you need to write a speech praising your boss. Take a moment and try to contemplate some points you might love to include in your speech.

Yes I know, time can just be overflowing now as the person you need to praise isn’t that easy to ponder good thoughts about. But these AI tools provide a plethora of values that the person you are intending to write about may hardly possess. But in the end, your boss and you are smiling with happy hearts and if you end up picking all the adjectives provided by the tool, surely an appraisal is following your way. Hats off to you. That’s what AI is all about. Get things done without losing anything at all.

But before reading it out to your boss, look out for grammatical errors, as they are something that needs the touch of humans. Here is where I would like to make the point that search engine rankings still consider authentic and trustworthy content. Content writers here, relieved much? No worries, more reasons to remain calm are on your way.

Another issue that primarily pops up due to these tools is that people often look for various options rather than just one constructive solution.

 Well if you are picking the best gown to impress your crush, you wish to browse more than just one option to try to suit your taste. That’s where people rely on search engine ranking to get the best results.

From the SEO point of view, ChatGPT content is way more difficult to rank high while compared to content that is pushed front with a huge number of backlinks. Grabbing the hearts of the readers, inspiring and motivating them to share it with their peers. That’s what matters in marketing and ranking rather than just mere content, folks!

So here’s a letter to my dear SEO experts and content writers out there, don’t contemplate on the fact that your ranking might go low. There are just a wide range of opportunities and luck to favor your side. Keep focusing and open doors to creating mind-blowing and inspiring content.

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