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Ultimate Tips To Make WordPress Site Fast & Secure in 2022

by Nizam P 2 years ago

Let’s take a walk back to memory lane and think about all the times we’ve messed up. Maybe you left the water running in the kitchen, or perhaps the refrigerator door is open. You’re on your way to work, but your mind is wondering whether you locked the gate or not.

Alexander Pope said, “To human is to err.” With many things to do, it is natural that we will make a mistake at some point. However, it cannot be the case when dealing with a WordPress site. It is important to stay attentive to ensure that the WordPress site we are working on is safe.

WordPress Site Updates for Fast and Secure working

WordPress has been around in the website creation business for a long time. Over the years, there have been many changes in its functioning and operations. However, these changes have helped hackers find new ways to attack a website.

WordPress gets the bad repo for being prone to cyber-attacks and hacks. The main reason behind these hacks is that people use outdated suggestions for security. The international news agency Reuters fell prey to the hackers in 2012 as they had an older version of WordPress.


Hence, it is crucial to find ways to make your WordPress site fast and secure. Keeping up with the latest trends can be a little tough with the ever-increasing competition. But, it has to be a part of your plan to compete in the challenging market in 2022.

Best Tips to make WordPress Site Secure and Fast in 2022

Several ways are there to ensure the safety of a WordPress site without compromising its performance.

1.     WordPress Site Friendly Servers

wordpress friendly servers

Before you dive into the pool of server hosting providers market, ensure that the company you hire is WordPress friendly. The hosting company you hire will be responsible for storing your website data on their servers.

The servers are further linked to the internet, making your website available to people. A person can also host their website, but it requires extensive technical knowledge. Therefore, people prefer using a hosting service provider for their websites. 

WordPress-friendly servers have optimization according to the platform’s guidelines and needs. The hosting company also offers various benefits to the client, such as:

  • fast loading speed
  • support for higher traffic
  • content optimization

2.     Shared Hosting Provider

shared hosting services

Teamwork makes the dream work, and shared hosting provider is the prime example of this saying. A shared hosting provider manages your website on a shared server with several other websites.

A shared hosting server allows the person to look at other websites on the server. It gives the user ideas to make changes to their website by comparing it with others. It also means that with a shared server, the hosting company also ensures the security of the websites. Unfortunately, it hampers the performance of the website occasionally.


3.     The Mighty SSD Hosting

ssd hosting services

SSD hosting is another good and affordable WordPress web hosting that helps make the site secure and fast. SSD (Solid-State Drives) are responsible for saving your website and server data in their memory.

The pros of using this hosting method are that the data gets stored even if there is a power cut. SSD allows you to recover any lost data and gives warnings if any failure occurs at any point in a process.

SSDs have made a name for themselves in the website hosting business for reliability and speed. They are known for enhancing the performance of a WordPress website. SSDs also require less power, making them the best affordable WordPress web hosting tool.

4.     Next-Generation Technology

next generation technology for wordpress auto update which includes security updates in hosting services services

Technology worldwide evolves daily as people discover and introduce new things to make our lives easier. All the operating platforms need to follow the trend and stay updated. WordPress offers auto-updates of the platform and introduces new features or plug-ins for the websites.

These updates also include security updates, and with this, the hosting server service should also stay up to date. It means the server should be capable of handling every change you make on your website. While searching for the hosting service, look for a host that uses tech like:

  • Apache
  • PHP-FPM and so on

5.     Multiple Layers of Security

muliple layers of security in hosting services

When you look for a hosting platform, it is essential to find a company that offers multiple layers of security. It is the hosting company’s responsibility to ensure the safety of the visitors to the website. Before hiring, these are the key pointers to keep in mind:

  • Free SSL certificates
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Scanning for protection from hackers
  • Secured SSD and data centers to protect the data
  • Security patch upgrades after a few weeks

Wrapping Up

There you have it! These are some critical points that a person should consider to ensure their website’s security and performance. Combining these tips will help them hire an affordable WordPress web hosting company to secure the site. Explore the market, look for professionals for assistance and make your investment worth it!

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