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Use of Typography in website designs

by Libin Johnson 6 years ago
Use of Typography in website designs

A good website starts with an attractive typography. And although breaking the irregular rule is extraordinary, sometimes it’s good to retrieve the ideologies of what makes great typography and how to make it. It’s a vibrant refresh that can help you rethink projects, reflect a new method or just retrieve to a simpler, more efficient design. So now, we’re overlooking trends and ways to break the rules to focus on typography theory and how the “rules” can be a great guideline for creating phenomenal type.


Size and Hierarchy

Font size is the most important factor for the designs. It will help the readability and eye attraction. If you modify the font size hierarchy then we can tell the users what to read first, second and so on. There is an understandable scale for the body font size, headings and subheadings across the design.


Tracking and Kerning

Tracking and kerning are different items not same. Kerning is an adjustment of space between a pair of letters and the Tracking is an adjustment of space between a full set of characters, like paragraphs and block of text. Kerning is mainly using the large text and tracking is tightening a loose typeface in body fonts.


Limit Type Faces

When we use too many typefaces then it won’t look good. Two or three font types is enough for most projects. Most of the typefaces have multiple styles {bold, regular, italic, condensed, black etc.}. Some font families have serif and sanserif font-types also.


Disremember Hyphens and Justification

Hyphens and Justification are not necessary for all the time. These techniques can make more difficult to understand. Hyphens can break up the reading experiences and Justification have an odd spacing that is difficult to read.


Don’t Modify Fonts

You should never adjust the fonts. Don’t try to make it taller, thinner and fatter. Pick a new font and use it. If a typeface doesn’t match your work, then try to identify typefaces with similar appearances.

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