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Website in Business: Past, Present & Future

by Ajay Krishnan 5 years ago

Once there was Yellow pages, the directory book with all the telephone numbers of a region listed either alphabetically or according to business categories. People use to keep a copy of Yellow Pages at their homes near the telephone along with their personal directory. When the internet popped up, digital directories started to take over physical ones. Having a domain and displaying business details in a design matching the logo and business brochures became a trend. Websites was just yet another type of advertisement as people still was relying on telephones and magazines to get what they were looking for. Advertising in television and print media had a good impact than advertising on web channels.

By the turn of the millennium, Google started dominating the advertisement market as internet users were growing exponentially. Mobile gadgets with basic internet features gained popularity among the young generation and internet technology really became an iconic media. Websites for computer and mobile was separate, with different design methods and standards.

Today, with the invent of touch screen devices, the internet has penetrated human lives like never before. In UAE, an average person spends 21 hours of a week on internet. If you want to drive more people to your business, you must be a part of internet and market yourselves. For that, having a website is the first step. Unlike old times, you don’t have to design separate websites for computers and mobile devices. A concept called responsive web designing allows websites to change layout according to different screen sizes. When people search for information on the internet, if you are not in the top results, you lose business.

Looking ahead, the internet is going to penetrate more to human lives. A concept called internet of things is on the horizon. Soon our homes will be smart enough to act according to our commands. You can search for music and media by talking to devices like Google Home. Cars, electrical and electronic devices, everything is going to be a part of internet delivering efficiency like ever before in history. If your business is not building a strong presence in internet, social media and internet in general, it is going to affect your business results.

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