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by Penta Tech Blogger 7 years ago

Responsive websites are those created to scale their content differently depending on the device they are viewed on. This means such websites are dynamically reformatted to display perfectly on computer screen, laptops, tablets, mobiles etc.

In the past optimizing your user’s mobile experience of your website was done by creating a whole different website specifically intended for mobile use. Fortunately with the creation of responsive design (scaling to any screen size) you can now have a one website fits all devices approach. Not only does this save in web development costs but it also means your site will display well not only on the current technological era of mobiles and computers, but on any future technology screen sizes. Knowing your website is responsively designed ensures that your clients will always have a good user interface to interact with – leading to more online conversions.

Responsive websites also feature higher on search engine results, making them a crucial aspect to search engine optimisation. The reasoning behind this is simply that responsive websites are easier for crawler bots to access than old fashioned sites.

Wondering whether your website is responsive? In order to determine this, simply adjust the screen size of your browser. Does the content dynamically change place to ensure you can still read everything clearly? If not, then you likely do not have a responsive website. Now why is this such a big deal? Well in today’s highly competitive online marketplace users are becoming more and more selective-because they can be. It is therefore extremely important that your website provides a problem free user experience.

Many of your website users may already be viewing it on their Smartphone as the trend of internet usage via mobile has been steadily increasing over recent years. This is especially true in the case of websites that people are likely to discover through social media posts (which they’ll be browsing on their phone).

Looking to the future, there really is no realistic alternative to responsive website design for online success. As the availability of mobile internet through 3G and 4G networks spreads further abroad more and more customers will be searching through the internet on their phones. It is therefore imperative that you are able to communicate via your website to these customers just as effectively as you can to those on their computers. Responsive web design allows you to easily achieve this uniform communication standard.

At Pentagon solutions we provide fully responsive web designs and web development, meaning every website we create displays well on all devices. To find out what we can do to make your existing website responsive, or to create a brand new site for you, give us a call today. We’d be happy to help.

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