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Why You Should Choose Pentagon

Choosing who to partner with to carry out your online projects can be a daunting prospect.

With hundreds of choices available to you, it is nice to know that one company stands above the rest in both quality of product and service. Penta has been established since 1996 and is always looking forward in innovation while providing our customers the utmost in high class web design, web hosting, email hosting, SEO and more.

Our experienced approach gives real results online, as we’ve learned exactly what works on the net and what does not. We can provide consultation on a range of web developments including user interface analysis, topic specific research and metrics tracking. These are just a few of our areas of expertise. The end products of our work are modern and professional websites with fully functional implementations.

We employ a full range of world class web developers who can support you throughout the project process. Our knowledge covers both front end and back end development, meaning all your graphic design, multimedia, and other needs are covered in one space.

Clients and end users of our products are always left immensely satisfied. To ensure that these great results continue we have created three pillars of feedback to keep ourselves accountable.

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Client Surveys

When nearing the completion of our projects, clients are asked to complete a survey based on our service quality. This gives us the chance to evaluate how well we pleased you and also provides an indication of the end products usefulness to you on the web. High scoring surveys usually preclude profitable online ventures.

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Target Measurement

At the conception of a project, Pentagon often encourages the setting of measurable end targets for your website project. These targets are then evaluated around 6 months to a year after the site has been released onto the net. This time frame gives a fair length of time to fully discover the success of your site measured against the initial targets set for it.

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Feedback Reception

We value our customer feedback and have implemented many improvements as a result of this. Having received input from both our business-to-business customers and our business-to-customer clients, you can rest assured we have been honed to provide excellent service for a diverse range of clientele.

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