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Why Should You Opt For A Hybrid Email Solution?

by Rojo Jose 3 years ago

Several businesses rely on a dedicated email solution. Some opt for Google Suite, MS Exchange, and some prefer working with Office 365. It all depends on their budget, user base, and how far they want to keep the costs as low as possible.

However, these email solutions provide their best, but they do come with their pros and cons. Therefore, the business does opt for multiple email solutions for their users to keep connected. However, this ends up in paying a higher price month on month basis.

You cannot pay a higher price and get just a single solution. For example, you are paying much more to use G Suite on your domain. What about other email solutions if you need them? Your budget will not allow. Here the hybrid email solutions come into play.

Opt for a hybrid plan

By opting for a hybrid email solution, the business organization can manage different platforms together. They can get a combination of the email platforms under one best solution. You can ensure that your users will never run out of connectivity issues.

You are currently using either Google Suite or Microsoft Office 365. With the help of a hybrid email solution, you will get the best of both worlds.

Let us take an example of how you can reap the benefits of a hybrid plan. If you are an Office 365 customer and a hybrid plan, you can stay in connectivity under the same domain. The same goes for another option if you are using Google Suite, MS Exchange, etc.

Hybrid Email features

Look at the features that are the best fit for your company or business organization.

  • Integration with existing email plan

When you buy a hybrid plan, you do not stop using the current one or exchange it with this new plan. It integrates with your current email service provider. It gives you a sense of better connectivity at reasonable prices.

  • Mix of email services

Hybrid email offers a mix of email services under one single domain. It helps the business organization to save on high costs. Secondly, it is flexible, giving better connectivity to users.

  • Customize it accordingly

Whatever suits your needs, you can customize the solution your way. Secondly, it also helps in reducing marketing costs. Based on the users, you can divide the user emails accordingly.

  • High performance

With better deliverability of emails comes the high-performance system. Using the hybrid plan, you will never run out of time or connectivity issues. Users can instantly receive and send their emails without any delays.

  • Cost-effective and secure

A hybrid plan is a cost-effective way to keep your users connected under the same domain. Meanwhile, you still reap the benefits of your primary email provider under the same domain.


It is the best way to opt for a hybrid plan that gives your users the best experience of mailing environment. The only customized and flexible solution that saves money and time.

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