Pentagon has partnered with Zimbra Mails services to bring you the best of tailored business email facilities. Our team has over 18 years of experience in the web industry and can help build your business a scalable solution to email marketing and communications.

Over 400 Million people currently use Zimbra Mails for their email needs. It is a well-established and trustworthy framework that can be adapted to suit your particular situation. Because of its flexibility, Pentagon recommends Zimbra solutions to a variety of companies, from small businesses all the way through to large enterprise clients.

The end product of our Zimbra mails solution is feature rich and collects all the functionality customers want in one place. The services can also be extended with more advanced features like social media integration. Hence it can be combined with Pentagon’s world class hosting and delivery facilities. Our experts can help set you up with a new email system or transition your current system to Zimbra with minimal changeover time. Zimbra mails will enhance your business and boost the productivity of your employees.

As always our top class support is available 24 / 7 for any of our customers. Our knowledge of the Zimbra platform is truly in depth. Therefore our network admins will be able to guide you through anything you might want help with in the future.

For a seamless experience that utilizes the expertise and knowledge of two industry leading companies, Zimbra and Pentagon, give us a call today. We’d love to discuss your business goals with you and identify how Zimbra can help to make your email platform a unique efficiency enhancer for your business.


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